Aegis was one of the Lifeshirt’s early concept product names. The term comes from the Iliad and has been interpreted as an animal skin, shield or breastplate which offers protection. We ultimately liked Lifeshirt better :).

Initially, Lifeshirt products will be available online only. We are working with retail channel partners to bring Lifeshirt closer to our customers as an additional option.

YES! The Lifeshirt Classic is our initial product offering as it meets the needs of a majority of our customer needs. However, we have additional models and designs in development that for both children and adults!

Initially, Lifeshirts will only be available for sale in specific countries. You can find out whether shipping is available to your address during checkout.

We strive to ensure Lifeshirts are tested and approved by the primary certification bodies in the countries for which our products are sold. For example, products available in North America will all be approved by the United States Coast Guard while products available in Europe or Australia will be Fleetwood ISO certified. Please see the individual product features and specs to confirm the certifications.

Marine Safety Products, LLC offers a 30-day money back guarantee on most products. Please see the Returns Policy for specifics.